FROM THE VAULT: A trip to remember, by Paul Morrison -
Friday , 18 January 2019

FROM THE VAULT: A trip to remember, by Paul Morrison


Paul Morrison has been covering and documenting the sport of skiing in all its forms for a long time but his photographic artistry never ceases to amaze. For today’s Inspirational Tuesday throwback Paul submitted this beauty. From Paul:

This black and white photograph of my son Ian was taken at Bella Coola Heliskiing in February 2012 and remains one of my favourite images. As skiers, we all love the freedom that comes with a wide open slope with no tracks in front of you for thousands of vertical feet below you. Bella Coola, offers this in unparalleled abundance. This particular visit to the operation began as sometimes happens with a lingering moist coastal weather front hanging over the peaks. Temperatures had spiked and it was far from certain what would await us the next morning on our first day of skiing. As our good fortune would have it, the clouds were depositing another fresh layer on the high peaks that had been hidden from our sight. With the early October storm cycles pounding British Columbia’s coastal mountains with snow, it’s looking like a winter to remember lies immediately ahead.