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Friday , 18 January 2019

Edith Rozsa

Edith RozsaHost

If you have spent any time around Edith Rozsa in the mountains, whether on the screen or on the slopes, you know that her passion for skiing is infectious! She has been the female face of Ski Television for 9 years, and her excitement for the mountains and travel continues to grow. Recently, she has been contributing articles to S-Magazine that show her unique perspective of the places she visits.

Edith Rozsa came to Ski Television after many years of racing at the World Cup level with the Canadian Alpine Ski Team. Then she had a short yet successful stint in ski cross and endurance downhill racing as a member of the Canadian freestyle team. An injury brought an end to her competitive career, but she continues to rip up the slopes and inspire others to do the same.

During the time with the team, she was Canada’s best female technical racer. In a snapshot, here are some of her racing accolades:

  •     9-time North American slalom and giant slalom champion
  •     4-time Canadian national slalom and giant slalom champion
  •     Australian giant slalom champion
  •     Italian slalom champion

Edith Rozsa





Today, Edith is based out of Kelowna, B.C. She keeps herself busy by judging big-mountain competitions, coaching race, extreme and general ski betterment camps, and guiding people in the mountains. Recently, she started a new business — Snow Rehab — another way for her to connect with others in the Western Canadian mountains!

A couple shout-outs to her partners: Edith is a member of the Head International Women’s Team, which designs Head women’s ski equipment. With a room full of women like Edith influencing what you wear on the hill, you know your equipment will perform amazingly and you will look the part, too!  Columbia Sportswear has developed a new technology called Omni-Heat. Ride the lift with Edith and you’ll hear about the two layers she’s now wearing rather than five: increased mobility, always comfortable, blah, blah, blah … it really does work though — check it out. And Bolle, her partner in vision. See those cool goggles and shades she’s sporting these days? They’re a lot more than cool: weather-specific lenses and ideal face and goggle shape make for comfort and maximum performance.

Watch for Edith in the mountains this winter, and as she likes to say, “I hope to see you on the slopes.”