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Georgia Simmerling
Manny Osbourne-Paradis
Sunday , 10 December 2017

Ski Television on Demand

Featured Video: YUKI TSUBOTA: The road less travelled

Yuki Tsubota is pushing slopestyle to new levels. A horrific crash at the Sochi 2014 Olympics is way in her rearview mirror now and the Whistler skier is motivated to keep pushing.

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Ski TV Top 10: Best FaceBook Live moment (#6)

October 12, 2017  |   Features

European ski fans know how to party. The finish areas and villages surrounding World Cup events are always a gong show, in stark contrast to the typical North American quiet golf-clapping finish areas. For Ski TV’s Top 10 (#6) check out Martha Lee’s interaction with these Rowdy fans. Annoying, yes. ...
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SKI TV TOP 10: Best Ascent (#7)

October 10, 2017  |   Features

What goes up must come down. Skiers go to the greatest lengths to find the best snow, even if it means travelling to the other hemisphere and climbing mountains. As part of Ski TV’s top 10 best moments of 2017, Claire Challen and crew found the tip top of a ...
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SKI TV Top 10: Best Celebrity Moment (#9)

October 2, 2017  |   Features

We’re counting down Ski TV’s top moments of 2017. Larisa Yurkiw continued to turn heads, especially in Europe, after she retired from the World Cup. Kids and adults continued to line up for an autograph, or a quick word with the affable ski racer turned ski host and professional speaker. ...
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Ski TV 2017: The heart of the Andes @ Valle Nevado, Chile

April 5, 2017  |   Features

Is skiing the Southern hemisphere on your bucket list? Ski TV host Claire Challen takes viewers on an intimate look at the magnificent city of Santiago and the skiing at nearby Valle Nevado, rated as one of the best ski destinations in South America. The European-inspired resort (built by a ...
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