PHOTO GALLERY: Lake Louise World Cup 2017 – Ladies -
Monday , 10 December 2018

PHOTO GALLERY: Lake Louise World Cup 2017 – Ladies

Photographer Michel Painchaud’s 10th – and perhaps final instalment of documenting the Lake Louise women’s World Cup finish area for S-Media – was a few days packed with drama … jubilation, defeat, hugs and kisses, and even a power failure and overcoming odds of transporting athletes and coaches up the mountain. The 2017 instalment of the Winterstart Lake Louise World Cup was certainly one of excitement.

The top finish area moments (from Michel Painchaud):

The “Fall”

We could not believe that Lindsey fell down and it was a hard crash! We were thinking, not another injury! But she got up and ski down; everyone was so happy for her that she was ok. I never thought that I would see Lindsey to be off the podium 3 days in a row at Lake Louise. 🙁

The “Comeback”

After taken a really bad fall, Vonn raced the next day. What a brave and courageous lady! I have a lot of respect for her!

No power on Saturday!

The whole mountain was shut down. It was surreal! Using the snowcats to pull all the athletes and officials was unbelievable. The Lake Louise crew and all the volunteers work so hard to make it happened, I was really proud to be a Canadian! Very impressive work by the staff at Louise. Kudos! 

The “Other Fall”

Whoa, another fall today but not as bad. Still you can see she is not 100% but again she race no matter what! Incredible athlete!

Tough Lessons

it was sad to see Marie-Michelle Gagnon crash, I hope she’s ok. The Canadian women’s team had a difficult weekend, but it is all part of the learning. But . They are young and they just need some mileage under their belts. With time, they will do well.

Another comeback!

Cornelia Huetter (AUT) was off all last year because of knee surgery, first race back and she wins it on Friday! 👍

Snowboarding to Alpine

Ester Ledecka (CZE): Not only she is a downhill racer on the FIS World Cup but she is also a FIS world champion in snowboarding!?! 😜

Michel’s favourite photo of 2017

Personal note from Michel

This was my last FIS World Cup at Lake Louise! I remember starting shooting Franz Klammer and our prime minister P.E. Trudeau in 1982 at Louise! I am old! After 35 years I am moving back to the Laurentians where I grew up. I am going to miss the Rockies but my daughter works in Calgary so when I come visit her, I will see them again! Hopefully, I will be able to cover all eastern WC races starting in January with the Freestyle moguls at Mt-Tremblant and also cover WC races in the USA, like in Killington, Stowe and Jay Peak. Other events, like cross-country, snowboarding,… I am thinking of going to Europe in France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Austria to cover the World Cups. It is nice to be retired finally and have the quality time to do photography!


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