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Saturday , 19 August 2017

Featured Stories

WHISTLER CUP – 25 years of building dreams

April 10, 2017  |   Features

SWARMS OF TEENAGERS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD WILL BE CONGREGATING IN PARTY TOWN – AKA WHISTLER – THIS WEEK. Sound scary? Yes it does. But these teenagers are not your typical party goers and shoot disturbers, in fact, they’re laser-focussed athletes with an eye on a shiny trophy … called ...
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Ski TV 2017: The heart of the Andes @ Valle Nevado, Chile

April 5, 2017  |   Features

Is skiing the Southern hemisphere on your bucket list? Ski TV host Claire Challen takes viewers on an intimate look at the magnificent city of Santiago and the skiing at nearby Valle Nevado, rated as one of the best ski destinations in South America. The European-inspired resort (built by a ...
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