ANTICIPATION – by Paul Morrison -
Friday , 18 January 2019

ANTICIPATION – by Paul Morrison

20130207_wonders_021-copyWEATHER FORECASTERS HAVE A TOUGH JOB MAKING ACCURATE PREDICTIONS, EVEN AT THE BEST OF TIMES. This particularly memorable day in early February had been predicted to be stormy throughout the entire day but as good fortune was to have it, the clouds parted mid morning and the Peak Chair was about to open. The avalanche control work on Whistler Mountain’s alpine has been completed and the mid mountain area is almost completely devoid of people as the lift line is forming in anticipation of first tracks. An hour after this photograph was taken, the view was quite different with many thousands of tracks and even the beginnings of moguls in the high traffic zones like Shale Slope just to the right of the chairlift. Elated skiers and boarders having had their way with the mountain, the cycle began anew as the clouds closed in and the predicted snowstorm continued throughout the night.