ANTICIPATION, Part 2 – By Paul Morrison -
Friday , 18 January 2019

ANTICIPATION, Part 2 – By Paul Morrison


WITHOUT FAIL, THE ANTICIPATION OF ANOTHER SKI SEASON HEATS TO A BOILING POINT BY MID NOVEMBER. In the mountains or in the cities, it doesn’t matter in the least. The new crop of ski films have made their debuts and ski magazines have been fanning the flames for months. In my work with the Whistler Blackcomb marketing department, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to get up the mountain a day – or sometimes a week or two – ahead of the official opening date in order to help feed the buzz for the start of a new year. On November 15th, exactly one year ago today, my son Ian and I were able to do that ‘day before opening’ shoot again on Whistler Mountain. It was a rare November blue sky day but that early in the winter, the sun doesn’t hit many of the ski runs. Shooting in the shade in November has it’s challenges but helped to add a cool wintery feel to the moment. Won’t be long now!