Tuesday , 23 August 2016


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  1. How could I save and put the ski tips of Josh Foster on a dvd.

  2. Hey Josh, Long time no see, but I have watched some of your vid ski tips. Excellent job. Concise and entertaining.
    Sorry, got to run…. 40cm fresh top of Whistler today so darn, once again I need to go do some product testing when lifts open at 8:15. Josh, great 3 part tip on skiing broken up powder by the way. Exactly what I try to do.
    Don B.
    SkiSchool.com (re-launching soon)

  3. Your Scottish skiing videos are magic! They bring to life the amazing skiing and adventures you can have in Scotland. Well done!
    Deep heather skiing and hagis hunting should both be Olympic sports!

    • Great to see the expansion of the ski area at Cairngorm and of course the view is as spectacular as ever (on a fine Scottish day!)
      After 37 years in Canada it was wonderful to be reminded of skiing across the heather. Glenshee provided the perfect venue for “Heather Skiing”, back-in-the-day!
      Also interesting to see the indoor ski slope in Glasgow. What a creative idea.
      As a Scot, I would have to admit that the only place I wore a kilt while skiing was when we had to dress-up for “Faschung” while teaching in Kitzbuhel. It could be a bit too windy and dangerous for the men to do that in Scotland:)
      Thankyou all: I thoroughly enjoyed the ski trip back in Scotland

  4. Great video and explanation for intermediate and advanced skiers…awesome stuff Josh.

  5. Hey…….great to see Martha!!! We go waaaaay back when she was the Director for Banff Ski Racers and taught our daughter. Thanks to her, our daughter continued in the race program until she was 17…..yeh!! Looking good Martha……skiing hard as you always have. Congratulations on this new position!

  6. Josh, Your weekly ski tips are awesome and I look forward to applying them during an upcoming trip to SilverStar. The latest evolution of skis feature wider tips and tails as well as wider waists. It would be nice to see a ski tip on how to use this new technology when dealing with steep terrain. Keep up the great work. John

  7. Hi Josh… just watched the SugarBush episode… nice lid… hopefully, anybody still holding back will see your helmet and be persuaded to protect their noggin, also’… keep up the good work!…
    I’m now 73, and so some of your terrain is beyond my days, but I still love to watch great skiing…bring on those big blues!!!
    Continued success with the tips…


  8. Hey Whitewater is the real deal,what with great terrain&powder,pretty girls no doubt Hippie chicks what more

    could a guy want? See you next year at WH20

    Colin Peverley
    P.S.Luv S media

  9. Susan Lévesque

    Thank you for a wonderful glimpse into this beautiful country and its people. Scotland never came to mind before as a ski getaway destination.

  10. Great to see Snowsportsculture pop up once again… Here in Ontario we can only dream for a bit just yet… I once felt that keeping my belly-button facing straight down the fall-line was a good way to keep my upper body quiet and let my legs be the pendulum, but I see that now your body seems to follow the tips more… Is there a happy medium?
    Where’s that lid I bug you about?


  11. Hi Josh,
    I liked your approach on edge performance. It reminded me of an analogy that I used when I was coaching:
    “What’s the difference between a skier and a ski racer? A skier turns across the hill (speed control) while a ski racer turns DOWN the hill! (Speed enhancement)”
    Mike Bulger

  12. Notice how important hand/arm positioning is while ‘stearing’ skis throughout the turn, esp. throught he ‘crud’.

  13. I love how your explanations tie in so well with the basic competencies that we are teaching in the CSIA Level 1 courses. This is a great additional visual aid for our teaching progression as well as great tips for the skiers. Thanks.

  14. I feel like you are missing the point of skiing in the soft, spring bumps. Turn shape and traversing across a mogul field is great if you hate bumps and somehow just want to get through them unscathed. But if you want to have spring bump fun, turn those boards downhill and learn to absorb and edge enough to control your speed.

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