Wednesday , 29 June 2016

Martha Lee


CSCF Level 3, CSIA Level 3, Park and Pipe, CSCF Mentor Leader, CSCF

Entry Level and Development Level Course Facilitator


Martha has been a club level Head Coach / Program Director for more than 15 years, worked for the Alberta Alpine Ski Association and the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation in coach education and club development,and spent several seasons working in Austria.  Martha continues to facilitate the occasional course for the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation, and is an accredited Mentor Leader coach.

In addition to being Head Coach / Program Director for the Sunshine Speedsters, Martha works full-time for Parks Canada (Cultural Resource and Project Management), writes quirky short stories for entertainment and is often the pig-tailed female skier in videos and photo shoots in the Rockies.   Martha lives in Banff with her true love, Matt Godwin, and is the mother of two teenagers,Harrison and Gifford.

On the loading ramp to a barn, Martha first learned to ski at the tender age of 2 on an old pair of hand-me-down skis.  Her first turn was clean and parallel, and her proud parents and grandparents (all avid skiers)applauded her natural talent until they realized the skis were warped.  In an attempt to mitigate her childhood affections for sickly raccoons and squirrels, Martha’s family kept her busy racing at the Georgian Peaks Ski Club, the National Ski Academy and Banff Mountain Academy.